Thank You Packet

Approximately 1 week after their last visit to our laboratory, we mail each participant a packet of information. This packet contains several documents and pictures which provide the participant reminders of his or her experiences in the lab and may serve as "show and tell" materials when telling friends, schoolmates, and relatives about their experiences. A number of the participants have reported that they have used the information we have sent in this packet as part of a science report for a class or a science project in thier school' s science fair.

The following lists the items included in the packet:

The following paragraphs explain the purpose of each item in the packet and provide links to view examples of each.

The Personalized "Thank You" Note

A personalize letter is written to each participant thanking them for visiting in the lab, taking part in the paper and pencil problem solving tasks as well as performing the simple decision making tasks while wearing the electrode cap.

General Thank you note
Participant Photograph

The Participant's Photograph

Every participant in the study receives a 8"x10" glossy photograph of themselves taken while wearing the electrode cap. These pictures are taken with a digital camera only after the participant signs a permission form providing written documentation of his or her desire to have a picture taken (a parent also signs the form if the participant is a child).

An Explanation of the Enclosed Materials

A brief explanation of the brainwave printouts and what the waveforms represent is also provided to the participant.

Explanation of materials
Brainwaves scan

The Participant's Brainwaves

A picture of the participant's brainwaves (EEG tracings) as they saw them on the computer in the lab while he/she was wearing the electrode cap is enclosed in the packet.

A Picture of Averaged Waveforms

A picture of the participant's brainwaves once the data have been epoched and averaged for each of the 3 different tones presented within the Novel Oddball paradigm is also included.

Averaged Waveforms