Learn About Your Brain

We have not yet begun assembling our own teaching materials to place on this page. In the meantime, we would like to refer you to an excellent sites for kids and adults that has lots of information about the brain and the spinal cord.

To visit the "Neuroscience for Kids" web site, click on the following link: http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/neurok.html

The Society for Neuroscience has several web pages containing resources that provide information about the brain. One of their publications, "Brain Facts", is a 52-page primer on the brain and nervous system and is available to the public as a free download of a pdf file. http://www.sfn.org/index.aspx?pagename=brainfacts

The Society for Neuroscience also provides a series of articles that answer basic neuroscience questions. The following link will take you there. http://www.sfn.org/index.aspx?pagename=brainbriefings_main

The Society also has a series of two-page newsletters explaining how basic neuroscience discoveries lead to clinical applications. http://www.sfn.org/index.aspx?pagename=brainbriefings_main

Another of the Society's web pages contains links to several other neuroscience-related resources that provide better understanding of the progress of various research efforts. http://web.sfn.org/index.aspx?pagename=publications_rd&section=publications