Initial Visit Information Packet

Contents of the Packet

Once a parent has agreed to allow their child to participate in the study and their first visit to the Human Development Lab has been scheduled, the laboratory manager creates and sends an information packet to the parents at their home address. This packet contains various informational items that helps make the child's visit more go more smoothly. The following items are included in the packet:

The following paragraphs explain the purpose of each document in the packet and provide links to view examples of each.

The Personalized "Initial Visit Information" Letter

A one page personalized letter provides a reminder of the scheduled time(s) for coming to the lab, describes the contents of the packet, gives directions for finding the lab, and provides instructions on how to contact us should there arise a need to make changes regarding the plans for visiting the lab.

Initial Visit Information Letter
Parent Permission Form

The Parent Permission Form

A 3-page permission form to be filled out and signed by the child's parent prior to the child participating in any activities in the lab. This form provides written documentation of the parents consent for their child's participation in the study. The form was reviewed and approved by CSU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects.

The Demographics Questionnaire

This form consists of a single page containing a few questions that ask for basic demographic information.

Child Demographics Form
The Screening Questionnaire

The Screening Questionnaire

This one page form serves as screening questionnaire of the child's neurological functions. It is designed to quickly obtain information regarding the participant's overall health and mental status.

Map to Find CSU in Fort Collins

A map explaining how to find the campus of Colorado State University (CSU) within the city of Fort Collins.

Map to CSU
Map to Gifford

Map to Find Gifford Building on CSU Campus

A map explaining how to find the Gifford building where the Human Development Lab is located and also marking where parking is available near the Gifford building.

Parking Permits

A parking permit for each visit scheduled is included in the packet. Instructions for the use of the permit is provided in the Initial Visit Information Letter.

Parking permit


This document lists several suggestions as to a few items that the participant might consider bringing with them in order to make their visit to the lab more pleasant.